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Hallo  liebe Clubmitglieder!

Endlich gehts los!

Am Montag, den 01.08.2011 wird mit dem Bau unseres neuen Clubheimes begonnen.

Der Spatenstich findet ca. um 1945 Uhr in der Ahornstrasse in Thansau statt.

Es gibt Freibier!

Sagts bitte allen bescheid!

Gut Luft!


Training im „Sommer“

Hallo liebe Clubmitglieder!

Die nächsten sechs Montage findet das Training in einem Freigewässer (Happingersee, Simsee) statt.

Treffpunkt ist 1930 Uhr an der Gaststätte zur Halt in Stephanskirchen.

Ansprechpartner ist Franz Bernhofer (015110790906).

Gut Luft!


Cocos war geil……

Captain’s Log – Okeanos Aggressor (July 12th, 2011)

von Aggressor Fleet, Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011 um 19:34

Air Temperature 76-86 F (25-28 Celsius)

Water Temperature 75-82 F (24-26 Celsius)

Visibility 110 ft.

Wetsuits: 3mil, maybe more if you get cold easily.

Photos by Alberto Muñoz

Crew this week: Capt. Beto, Chefs Leonidas and Douglas, Engineer Luis, Steward Osayuki, Boat drivers Marvin, Xavier, Rolando and, Divemaster Anibal.

It is an easy task to write about this week, first of all cause our departure, was early, the crossing was really good for this time of the year, the diving was the best we had this year and people were easy going.

We started in Manuelita of course, the shallow of it was so good, lots and lots of fish, water was so clear, we found a couple of black frog fish right in the middle of the reef by the end of the dive I saw a tiger shark just cruising, that of course prepare all of us for the week of diving to come, just in the second dive, we were just getting settle in the bottom of Manuelita (deep side) and a huge tiger shark came in just to let us know this was going to be their week…….Yeap we got to see them at least 8 times, and I was able to recognize 3 different ones, of course the hammerheads were there, they were schooling as well as the eagle rays, they were just swimming around in the sand flats in about 100 feet, so you had to really work on your breathing if you wanted to spend some time with them..On our third dive we did Manuelita again this time we headed towards the deep side and by the time we were going around the corner a little school of at least 8 Galapagos sharks came in close very unusual in them as they are shy, I know, despite their size and very muscular shape they wouldn’t let you get close most of the times.

Next day we did Punta Maria and Dirty Rock, both dives were good and some of our guest saw a huge school of hammerhead sharks at the end of their dive, that afternoon we did Viking rock and it was really nice and calm as we were having lots of current in the dives, next day we made it over Alcyone and the hammerheads were there, they were schooling very close to the surface, they would disappear out in the blue and then turned around and come back, they were doing that for the whole dive, down in the bottom, white tip sharks and marble rays were all moving around, just like if they were playing, there were also tons of octopus, there were some of them mating, along with the hammerheads there were the mullet snappers and the horse eyed jacks all of these happening in such a small place like Alcyone, now I’m not here to lie to you there was a price to pay, current was going, strong current most of the time means lot of action, fun dive, I got up in the dinghy ten seconds later one of the boys popped his head up yelling Marlin, Marlin Marlin, of course there were no pictures but, yes I believe it, this is a place for that kind of action, later on the week another group of people after a dive in Punta Maria and while doing the safety stop were able to bring the pictures of a beautiful Marlin (of course I was already on the boat “again”). Anyways, we made it back to Manuelita several times this week, just to make it clear by special request, most of the our guest wanted to go back there, and the thing is that Manuelita was on fire, this week all the good stuff was in Manuelita, there was a time when even the tiger shark was summing along with the hammerhead sharks, we also witness some I have never seen before, Galapagos sharks were trying to hunt an eagle ray, this one time we made it around the corner and found this eagle rays lying flat on the reef at first we all thought that the eagle ray was ill or some but after  a minute the Galapagos showed up there were at least 8 of them and they were clearly working as a group each of them would take turns in order to force the eagle to move around getting it out of place to make it tired and vulnerable, we stayed as much as possible to see if the Galapagos would finally get it but the air was running out so we had to go, but what a great experience. And that is how the week went, lots of action lots of current dives loaded with adrenaline, our hearts going 100 mile a hour, that is what Coco’s island is all about.

In our last dive Manuelita was mandatory, we had to, and just to finish a Huge manta ray came in waving her wing like saying bye bye, live happy…….

Excellent week of adventure

Crossing back to mainland was little rocky.

Stay tune for more……,

Thanks to all of our guest, Franz, Christof, Thomas, Tobias, Fritz, Oliver, Sonke, Carsten, Ewald, Peter, Ludwing, Helmut, Anton and Silvia, Manfred, Erik, Marie, Donna, Karen, Lori, Kevin and Matthew For a great week of diving!

Safe Diving,

Capt. Beto